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Ayurveda Services & Healing Energy Sessions


Shirodhara-silenceKick back, relax and let the world wash over you.

Shirodhara is an ancient Hindu-Ayurveda practice that helps to relax and soothe away stresses and strife. Warm oil is poured continuously over the chakra point on the forehead in order to clear your mind and cleanse the soul. Proven to help with headaches, insomnia, nervousness and fatigue, Shirodhara has been deemed so effective that it’s sometimes recommended to clear the calendar of activities the following day in order to experience its lasting, liberating effects.

How it works: Beneath your forehead lies your third eye, an important chakra point for balancing the body, as past impressions and experiences held here can create imbalanced desires and addictive behavioral patterns. Pouring oil over the forehead relaxes the nervous system, improves the function of the five senses, and removes energetic debris that can cause sleeping disorders, anxiety and mood swings. The oil drip lasts roughly 30 minutes, but it’s not unusual for clients to remain in a blissful state of tranquility for up to five days after their treatment.

60-minute session: $85 — this includes arriving into the space, a chat with the practitioner, and a few minutes of rest (savasana) after the oil drip. *Please bring a warm cap or scarf to keep head warm after the treatment, and an empty jar and receive the excess oil to use at home in baths or showers.

To schedule a Shirodhara session, please contact a practitioner directly:
Bhakti Purvine: 503-201-1614, email, or you may book a time online below.

Ayurveda Consultation

The ShantiOm Healing Annex offers seasonal Ayurveda workshops and lifestyle consultation that help find balance according to the season and the state of our body, mind and spirit.

bhaktiBhakti Purvine  Bhakti has studied Ayurveda for over ten years in India and in the USA, and she offers Ayurveda consultation and Shirodhara sessions. She is a certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor at the 500-hour level from The Kerala Ayurveda Institute and continues her studies there moving toward the 1600 hour Practitioner level. Bhakti incorporates Ayurveda in her own life and in her yoga classes.

During an Ayurvedic session, Bhakti discusses diet, digestion, activity level and daily schedule with her clients in order to determine and understand their dosha. She uses this information to create an easy but special plan to help them become more balanced. This plan frequently includes a simple yoga practice, breathing practices, specific oils, dietary recommendations, and simple lifestyle changes. The first session is roughly 90 minutes; clients can help decide whether to continue with a two-, four-, six-, or eight-session regimen to find their desired balance.

Bhakti offers Ayurveda consultations at both the Annex and at ShantiOm Yoga.

90-minute initial consultation: $85

60-minute follow-up consultations: $65

To schedule an appointment or inquire about Ayurveda, please call Bhakti at 503-201-1614, or email at

Ayurveda Consultation and Massage Therapy

Julie Gatti AHC, LMT – Julie is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Licensed Massage Therapist. She studied western herbalism and holistic nutrition at The Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, and with herbalist Cascade Anderson Geller.  She studied Ayurveda in Nagpur, India with Dr. Sunil Joshi at Vinayak Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic, where she learned Ayurvedic body therapies, medicine making, diet therapies & lifestyle counseling. She then studied and completed a clinical internship with DeAnna Bartoff at the Dhyana Center of Health Sciences. She also has training in a traditional sufi healing path. A lifelong learner!!!

Julie offers Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic body therapies with warm herbalized oils, lymphatic massage with gua sha and warm compresses, marma point therapy (acupressure), and shirodhara. She provides her clients encouraging support on their health and wellness journey with dietary suggestions, self care practices, lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicines, essential oil blends, and personalized body therapies to help bring them back to balance.

She is also the creator of Root & Flower, a medicinal quality line of wild and organic bodycare products. Julie is in the Annex on Thursday afternoons from 2-7pm.. to schedule an appointment please call  503-249-4638 or email

Ayurvedic Initial Consultation 90 min $85

Follow up Consultation 60 min $65

Body Therapies 60 min $80, Body Therapies 90 min $110, Body Therapies 120 min $160

Energy Healing

Tara close upTara McDaniel –Tara is a student of NIASZIIH healing, a hands-on energy healing system that uses the client’s energy to help the body heal itself. It is a Lipon Apache tradition handed down from Apache Stalking Wolf to Tom Brown Jr. of The Tracker School, and from Brown to Karl Direske of the Wilderness Fusion school.

As a student, Tara learns inside and outside of the “classroom,” and she feels that working with clients is the best way to learn. Tara seeks clients who are interested in working to heal their physical or emotional selves with her assistance.

Tara works on a sliding scale of $50-$20 per session and is available at the Annex on Wednesdays 9am-4pm.

To Schedule an appointment please call Tara at 916 599 3355 or email