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For the health and safety of our community we are holding all classes online until further notice.  Visit the schedule and sign up online.  We will send a link to your email that will allow you to join prior to the class start time.

Weekly Classes

Located in the heart of St. Johns, Portland you will find a quiet little yoga studio tucked away on Chicago Ave. behind a yarn shop and a bookstore.  It doesn't look like much from the outside but once you walk through the doors you will immediately feel at home.  You've come early, to make yourself a cup of tea.  For you, this isn't just showing up for a yoga class, it's a self-care routine.  With all the supplies and props you need to support your practice (even if its your first time doing yoga) you find your spot with your mat on the floor and begin to settle in.  After class, you can take a stroll though the St. Johns business district or visit the famous St. Johns bridge and get some awesome photos under the bridge in cathedral park.  


Shanti Om Memberships

Yoga makes you feel better, it makes you stronger and more flexible, it can boost your immune system, make you more emotionally resilient, helps you to focus and reach your goals.  Yoga is a practice,  it's a mindset, it's a journey.  

Shanti Om monthly memberships:

Drop-in                                                                 $12

Senior/Student Drop-in                                       $10

5 Class Card                                                         $60

10 Class Card                                                      $108

Unlimited Yoga                                        $99/month

Student/Senior Unlimited                       $85/month

Families for Children

Shanti Om Yoga proudly supports Families for Children (FFC).  

FCC is a non profit, non-sectarian organization that exists to fulfill the needs of children and young adults with physical and/or mental disabilities. By providing housing, education, special medical care and vocational training, FFC helps these individuals to reach their full potential and live with dignity in a loving environment.

All of the proceeds from the handmade Yoga mat bags made from recycled sarees directly support FCC. 


The Teachers

Shanti Om Yoga proudly provides space for yoga practitioners to share their unique talents and teaching style.  Our amazing collective of yoga teachers are dedicated to sharing yoga to the St. Johns, north Portland community.  Every teacher has their own style and background.  Please take some time to learn more about each one's offerings.  

Modern Ayurveda

The will to live is the most powerful instinct of every living being on this planet.  Lucky us, there happens to be an entire science about it called Ayurveda.  Living isn't just about diet and routine or dosha constitution, it's also your job, family, community, past experiences (good or bad), beliefs, traditions, circumstances, culture and much more.  Even though Ayurveda is over 6,000 years old, it's basic principles are needed today more than ever.  

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