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Keep at It!

Keep at It!

I Have A Confession To Make. I don’t always take my own advice.  I stay up too late. I drink too much alcohol from time to time and too much coffee regularly. I stress eat. I give in to road rage and yell at fellow drivers from the confines of my car.  I wake up…

The Koshas by Jenn Noble

The Koshas by Jenn Noble

The other day I was getting a massage when I started to feel like I was being shot up into the cosmos or something. I was in such a state of relaxation that I began to feel subtleties to bodily sensations I hadn’t noticed before, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing. I felt…


With Yoga and Ayurveda you can improve your life daily and seasonally…

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Yoga in the Heart of St. Johns “Yoga is the mind like a flame in a lamp with no wind.” When you think about yoga, what comes to mind?  Does it require the flexibility of a contortionist?  Is it an…

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