A Message from Bhakti Foster-Purvine

Owner of Shanti Om Yoga

Hello, my name name is Bhakti, owner of Shanti Om, a yoga studio located in Portland Oregon. I have spent much of my life dedicated to joining the hands of Shanti Om with Families For Children, a special needs orphanage and women’s co-op located outside of Coimbatore, India.

In India, there are approximately 20 million children who are orphans and in need of assistance. The Families for Children orphanage in Coimbatore is dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable of these children who were born with severe mental and physical disabilities; children most other orphanages turn away. Your contribution will provide critical support to help give these children an education, a community and a sense of belonging in the world.

Please consider making a donation to this cause I care about so much. Any amount you can provide will help support these women and children.


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Thank you for your donation and support!

Donate now through the Shanti Om Families for Children Go Fund Me Page

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