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Name: Kirtan with Sitaram Dass and Pavan Das
A fundraiser for Sacred Community Project


When: Friday, July 21st, 7pm

Suggested Donation $25
*No one turned away for lack of funds


Description: Sitaram Dass and Pavan Das will be joined by zander cole karlin (vocals, kartals) and Jeannette Kangas (tabla) for a night of kirtan. This event serves as a fundraiser for the Sacred Community Project, an interspiritual collective working to lower the barriers of access to contemplative and devotional practices through free and donation-based offerings and prison outreach.


Learn more about Sitaram Dass and Pavan Das and their NW kirtan tour here: Sitaram Dass spent several years serving his beloved teacher Ram Dass on Maui, where he was shown the path of Bhakti, the yoga of service and devotion to God. He is an author, teacher, kirtan singer, and transpersonal therapist. As the director of the Sacred Community Project, he works to provide affordable, free, and donation-based offerings as a praxis of Sacred Community. His book, From and for God, is an intimate and contemplative collection of writings on the spiritual path.
Pavan Das is a community organizer, multi-media artist, and nonprofit leader. He resides on Maui, where he serves on the board of Hanuman Maui: Ram Dass Loving Awareness Sanctuary. His time with spiritual luminaries like Ram Dass and Thich Nhat Hanh informs his commitment to cultivating a lived spirituality through which to effect social change. His service projects aim to foster resilience and prosociality in individuals, groups and communities through the skillful application of contemplative and devotional practices.

Sound bath infused with Reiki Light Sunday July 23rd 5pm Rabiah Troncelliti

Sound bath infused with Reiki Light.
Facilitator: Rabiah Troncelliti @rabiahanais
July 23, 5-6:30pm
Drop into a liminal state of subconscious healing.
This immersive vibrational attunement brings the mind and body into a peaceful and balanced place. You will walk out feeling restored and rejuvenated.
The frequencies and rhythms of the various instruments entrain your brain into theta or alpha brainwaves, which are consistent with meditation, deep relaxation or light sleep. In this relaxation, the mind and body let go of stress and anxiety, inviting in a natural state of healing.
We begin with a brief and easy guided meditation to drop you into your heart.

Some benefits of sound healing:
Reduces anxiety and stress, inviting in body's natural ability to heal
Deep relaxation
Better sleep and increased energy
Opens energetic pathways
Induces deep meditative states and higher states of consciousness


Rabiah is a Theta Healing practitioner, Shamanic Reiki Master, long time meditator and a facilitator of Soundbaths and Breathwork classes; she offers sessions and classes both virtually and in person. Rabiah has always been a seeker; she was born into a spiritual community with mystical parents, plenty of magical play and yoga - but a more serious path of self discovery and healing started after her first ten day silent meditation course, 17 years ago. Since then, she has sat in silence for 100’s of hours, studied with master teachers and explored consciousness through sound, energy, animal and plant medicine, always looking to go deeper into the shadow, deeper into the subconscious and ultimately, deeper into the heart - into love. This is the path of discovery that she continues to walk, as a student, first and foremost. This is the path of discovery Rabiah encourages and guides others on.

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