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Truce Circle Immersion 
    •    A Truce Circle is a space where we invite unconditional kindness to hold us. From that place of kindness, we practice connection and self compassion in an embodied way. In this circle, we learn to spend less time fighting within, less time fighting our own bodies. We can call a truce with ourselves, with all that is.  Each immersion will be a different blend of somatic explorations, yoga, movement, sharing, and play.  We might laugh, cry, breathe, shake, stretch, dance, sit quietly, rest, sing, listen, speak…. We might simply be present with each other. If you are curious to explore this practice, please contact me to sign up or to find out more information. I will be hosting a Truce Circle immersion monthly. 
Where: Shanti Om Yoga in St. Johns, 7334 N Chicago Ave. 
When: Sunday, February 26th 10:30am - 5pm (see websites for future dates)
Cost: Sliding Scale  $15-200 (work-trade may also be option)
Who: All are welcome to attend. (Not suitable for children) Each Immersion will be limited to 12 people. Please pre-register by contacting Sarah. 
Host: Sarah Saltzberg started her yoga journey 20+ years ago not knowing that it would one day be the friend that carried her through losses, divorce, heartache, eating disorder, miscarriages, pregnancy, motherhood and all the things life has had to offer. For Sarah, yoga has been a journey about creating a kinder relationship to self, to her body, and to life as it is. She believes curiosity and compassion are the antidote to our stressed lives and society. Sarah works individually with clients and small groups using a somatic approach to trauma resolution and nervous system regulation. She brings this trauma informed, nervous system regulating lens to her yoga classes. Sarah has studied Iyengar yoga with Anna Delury and others for 10+ years, is certified in Kripalu yoga and studied trauma informed yoga with Hala Khouri. She has spent years traveling, studying and teaching in India and Central America. Sarah is strongly influenced by the teachings of Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Peter Levine, Ron Kurtz and Tara Brach. 

Sarah Saltzberg
[email protected] 
Truce Somatic Coaching 
Integrative Trauma Resolution, Self-Compassion, Craniosac
ral Therapy, Trauma-informed Yoga