ShantiOm Yoga North Portland/St. Johns


Welcome to ShantiOm Yoga, a sacred refuge for the yoga community.

At ShantiOm, we seek to guide each student through the evolution of their own practice, thereby facilitating personal and spiritual growth.

Our studio offers an array of classes for every body and all are welcome, whether experienced practitioners or beginners.

Our intention is to create a space where students feel safe and comfortable in order to deepen their asana (posture) practice and explore their connection to spirit. We invite you to come as you are and make yourself at home.

Some days will feel smooth and others may be bumpy.  Sometimes the path is clear and other times we wander…

These are the best times to find your way onto the mat. We would like to offer ShantiOm as a healing space, available for all times.

We provide many different levels and styles of classes in order to meet everyone’s unique needs. Our classrooms are warm enough to be comfortable, but are not hot. Many of our teachers proudly share meditation, chanting, and authentic yoga philosophy during class.

We welcome you to come in, take a comfortable seat, close your eyes and breathe. This is where we begin and end, breathing in and out, respectively.

It is an honor to have you join us… just as you are.

With gratitude, Om Shanti,

Bhakti Foster