Scholarships and Work Study

About Our Scholarship Program

At Shanti Om Yoga, we believe if one member of a community is suffering, the whole community suffers. That’s why we have adopted a policy of never turning someone away due to financial constraints. If you are on a limited income, a current student, temporarily unemployed, single parent or have other financial limitations, you may apply for financial assistance. We will work with each student on an individual basis to find a love donation that works for everyone.

To be considered for a scholarship, complete a brief application, which is available by contacting the studio owners either directly or by email.

Jai Foster: [email protected] Ashley Conger: [email protected]

Please don’t be shy to reach out for support! We are here to serve our community.

Work trades are also available. Please ask Ashley for current availability.

How to Contribute to the Scholarship Fund

Current full-paying students have the option of adding $10 to their class package to contribute to the scholarship fund. In addition, Shanti Om Yoga will periodically hold special classes and benefits to fund the scholarship fund. Please inquire if you’re interested in helping sponsor a fellow student in need.

Work Study Positions Now Open

Thank you for your interest in the ShantiOm work-study program!

The ShantiOm Yoga work-study program is for people who are passionate about yoga and want to be more involved in the Shanti Om Yoga community. Options include deep cleaning shifts and/or front desk shifts.

Our front desk and cleaning positions require one shift per week, with a minimum commitment of six months. Work-study staff must demonstrate respect, reliability and accountability. In exchange, you receive one class for each class check in you do (about a half hour of work), and/or one class for each hour of deep studio cleaning you do.

Work/Study duties for Check-In shifts include:

  • Coming to the studio 30 minutes before class to tidy the studio (sweeping floors, checking bathroom, arranging props, and setting the thermostat), and staying 15 minutes after to tidy up or check in the next class (evening shift).
  • We will train you personally how to use MindBodyOnline to sign in students – it’s so easy!
  • Making sure the reception area and entrance are clean and welcoming.

We have a limited number of positions available. If interested, send us an email with a little info about yourself and your availability!